Anaheim First Presbyterian Church

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   God loves variety! Look at all the colors, cultures, perspectives and tastes that embody God's family the world over. We want to be a church that reflects this richness -- a church filled with the vibrancy of authentic community, of people who don't just tolerate but celebrate their differences. We want to nurture the kind of environment where all, whatever their age or perspective, can give voice to their experience of God. 

United and diverse, progressive and evangelical, rooted in history and reaching to the future, classic and energetic in worship, full of hope and life! We want everyone who walks through the doors of our church to sense Christ's life-changing presence, hear God speak through the inspired sacred page, be stirred by choirs and hymns, and catch a vision of God's incredible purposes for each and every human life. If you want to know more about our church and how you can get involved, send us an email or give us a call, or visit us in worship! 

Grace & Peace,

The Anaheim First Pres Family